Monday, April 24, 2017


The Chamber’s Workforce Division supports member and community efforts to ensure an adequate quality and quantity of workforce to meet employer needs. From recruiting to meet immediate requirements to building the workforce of tomorrow, there are opportunities at the Chamber for every member to participate in workforce development.


The high-tech economy and specialized skills required in Huntsville/Madison County make recruiting a top priority of the Workforce Division. The Chamber conducts outreach on behalf of our members, the community and the Tennessee Valley region to encourage job seekers from across the country to relocate here. Our recruiting site includes a regional job search feature and information about living, working and playing in Huntsville/Madison County. A Smart Place brochures are available to Chamber members.


Our workforce division is passionate about hiring, training, teaching, developing, retaining and increasing the smart, talented people we have in our region. Stay in-the-know about exciting opportunities related to each of those topics every month through our newsletter. Our tradition is progress. So, let's move forward together as we plan for our current and future workforce.

On-line Job Postings

This service is for Chamber members only and provides companies with a venue to advertise current job openings at no cost. The website is maintained daily and can be found at

 Career Fairs

Find out information on upcoming career fairs here.

Smart Careers

While we may be known for rocket science, there are many high-growth careers in our community across all industries. Check out the smart careers that offer high earning potential and significant opportunity in our region.

Wage Survey

The Chamber conducts an annual wage survey for its members. Further details about the Wage Survey can be accessed here.

Workforce Summit

In September 2015, a diverse representation of public and private sector leaders from across North Alabama came together to identify what we must do as a region to ensure that our workforce is prepared to support our economic growth. View the Workforce Summit After Action report and presentations from the event here.

Chamber Foundation

Huntsville/Madison County has experienced astounding growth and prosperity in recent years, and the Chamber supports this growth and ensures continued success as a destination region for jobs and quality of life. The Chamber Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit. The purpose of the Chamber Foundation is to lead workforce and education efforts that will ensure our region has sufficient quantity and quality of talent to meet employer needs and support sustained growth.

Industry Insights

The Chamber Foundation leads an Industry Insight Program—a professional development program focused on providing resources and knowledge to Career Prep educators in Huntsville, Madison City and Madison County Schools.


For more information, contact:


Lyndsay Ferguson
Workforce Director
(256) 535-2008