Sunday, April 30, 2017

Development Opportunities - Restrictions


All development in Cummings Research Park is subject to a specific set of guidelines that were established to maintain a high level of quality in the park. These development guidelines are a culmination of several documents and review boards, as summarized below.

The CRP Development Guidelines booklet (below) provides a complete set of the various documents that help to guide development activities in CRP. These documents include relevant sections of the City of Huntsville Zoning Ordinance, CRP West Deed Restrictions and Protective Covenants, and summary descriptions of both the development approval and design review procedures. In addition, the Guidelines booklet includes a generic copy of the CRP Real Estate Sales Contract.

For a copy of the development guidelines booklet, including the City Zoning Ordinance, Deed Restrictions, Protective Covenants, and Real Estate Sales Contract, please select the following link:


 crp guideline

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